PyS60 installation / Resources:

Installing Python for Series 60 on your phone:


1. Download from here the Python for Series 60 interpreter (version 1.3.1) application according to your phone model:

PythonForS60_2ndEd_1_3_1.SIS (for phone model: 6600, 6630, 6670, 7610)

PythonForS60_2ndEdFP3_1_3_1.SIS (for phone model: N70, N90)

PythonForS60_1stEd_1_3_1.SIS (for phone model: N-Gage QD)

2. Push the PythonForSerie60.SIS file via bluetooth to your phone and install it.


Demo example files provided by Nokia



PythonForS60_doc_1_3_1.pdf It is a helpful documentation on Python for Series 60 API's.

Python Library Refernence (2.2.3) It is useful for checking out standard Python stuff.

Other documents:




Script editor:

Regarding writing and editing your python script any simple text editor on Mac or PC goes.

A free editor is e.g. "ConText": ConTEXTsetup.exe



Other Series 60 apps (good to have during develpment phase):

Useful tool for checking or deleting files on your phone is the FExplorer:

FExplorer for Series 60

Python plug-in for the Symbian SDK (e.g. need to make stand-alone applications)

From Nokia's download site of Python for Series 60 you find the zip files witht the ending The package includes a the Python for Series 60 SDK plug-in (.exe) as well as example scripts. I have put the various files up here as well (for current Peyohon Series 60 version is 1.2):





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