Prof. Dr. Jürgen Scheible

Nationality: German


Multi-modal interface design, mobile digital art; mobile interaction; urban space; pervasive games; social media; social computing


Pervasive interactions that integrate physical and digital environments; ubiquitous computing; user driven innovation; design thinking; collaborative art making


2010      Doctor of Arts. Aalto University, School of Art & Design Helsinki, Finland

Title of dissertation: 'Empowering Mobile Art Practice: A Recontextualization of Mobile and Ubiquitous Computing..'

1995      Dipl.-Ing.(FH) Nachrichtentechnik. Fachhochschule


2010      Best Speaker Award, TECHNARTE 2010, Bilbao, Spain.

2008      Special mention in MindTrek Awards for MobiSpray project, for a creative concept combining traditional media and natural interaction to paint big pieces of urban art.

2007      Forum Nokia Champion from Forum Nokia, as an honor for activities and contributions to the mobile industry.

2006      Best Journal Article Award from ACM Computers in Entertainment Journal.

2005      Best Arts Paper Award from International ACM Multimedia conference 2005, Singapore.


2008      UrbanScreens08 Art residency at Federation Square, Melbourne, Australia.

2007      Art residency at BUCT, University of clothing technology, Beijing.

2007       Art residency at National Taiwan Museum of fine art,
          Taichung, Taiwan.

2006      MIT Visiting Scientist, CSAIL, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston, USA.

2006      Art residency at SIAT, Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada.

2005      Visiting Researcher, Media team, University of Oulu, Finland.

PUBLICATIONS  - PDFs of publications available at


Scheible J., Ojala T., MobiSpray: mobile phone as virtual spray can for painting BIG anytime anywhere on anything, to appear in Special Issue of Leonardo, The Journal of the International Society of the Arts, Sciences and Technology, 2009.

Rashid O., Bamford W., Coulton P., Edwards R., Scheible J. (2006) “PAC-LAN: mixed-reality gaming with RFID-enabled mobile phones”, Computers in Entertainment (CIE), v.4 n.4, October-December 2006.

Scheible, J. (2007) “MobiLenin and Manhattan Story Mashup - Two multimodal user interfaces for creating and sharing interactive artistic experiences.” “LEA-ACM Multimedia” Special Issue, Leonardo Electronic Almanac Vol. 15, No. 5 - 6 (2007). 10 May 2007.


Refereed Conference Proceedings

Scheible J. (2011) Video: 'Interactive Snow Sculpture Painting'. Proc. ACM CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI2011), Vancouver, Canada, to appear.

Shamma D.A., Sheppard R., Scheible J. (2010) Human to dancer interaction - Designing for embodied performances in a participatory installation. Proc. 8th ACM Conference on Designing Interactive Systems (DIS2010), Aarhus, Denmark, 356-359.

Shamma D.A., Scheible J., Sheppard R. (2009) Graffiti dance: interaction of light, information, and environment. Proc. Seventh ACM Conference on Creativity and Cognition (C&C 2009), Berkeley, CA, USA, 479-480.

Scheible J., Ojala T., MobiSpray: mobile phone as virtual spray can for painting BIG anytime anywhere on anything, to appear in Proceedings of the ACM SIGGRAPH2009 conference (2009).

Scheible J., Ojala T., Coulton P. (2008) “MobiToss: A novel gesture based interface for creating and sharing mobile multimedia art on large public displays.” Proc. of the ACM international Conference on Multimedia, MULTIMEDIA’08, 957960.

Scheible J., Tuulos V., Ojala T. (2007) “Story Mashup: Design and Evaluation of Novel Interactive Storytelling Game for Mobile and Web Users”. Proc. of MUM07: The 6th International Conference on Mobile and Ubiquitous Multimedia, Oulu, Finland (2007).

Tuulos V., Scheible J., Nyholm H. (2007) “Combining Web, Mobile Phones and Public Displays in Large-Scale: Manhattan Story Mashup.” Proc. of the Fifth International Conference on Pervasive Computing, Toronto, Canada, May 2007.

Scheible, J., Ojala, T. (2005) “Mobilenin combining a multi-track music video, personal mobile phones and a public display into multi-user interactive entertainment”. In: Proc. of the ACM international Conference on Multimedia, MULTIMEDIA’05, 199–208.


Scheible J (2010) Empowering Mobile Art Practice: A Recontextualization of Mobile and Ubiquitous Computing. Dissertation, Aalto University, School of Art and Design, publication series 107, Helsinki, Finland, 212 p.

Scheible J., Tuulos V. (2007) “Mobile Python - Rapid prototyping of applications on the mobile platform”, John Wiley & Sons 2007.

Book Chapters

Scheible J. (2010) Multimodal art tools for creating and sharing interactive engaging experiences. In: Selke S & Dittler U (eds.) Postmediale Wirklichkeiten aus interdisziplinärer Perspektive. Heise Zeitschriften Verlag, Hannover, Germany, 223-238.

Scheible J. (2008) “Mobile Interaction” Interface Cultures – Artistic Aspects on Interaction, Eds. Sommerer C., Mignnoneau L., Gestrich D., Transcript Bielefeld.

Scheible, J., Tuulos V. (2007) “Manhattan Story Mashup - Interactive, Collaborative Street Art” Space Time Play: Games, Architecture and Urbanism. Ed. Steffen P. Walz. Basel: Birkhäuser.

Scheible J. (2007) “Python for Symbian Phones” Mobile Phone Programming and its Application to Wireless Networking , Ed. Fitzek F., Reichert F., Springer, p.23-61.


Scheible, J., Ojala T. (2005) “Mobile Group Interaction with Interactive Video on Large Public Display.” Presented at ACM SIGGRPAH 2005 conference, Los Angeles.


2012 - present Stuttgart Media University, Department of Electronic Media, Studytrack: Advertising and Market Communications, Professor of Screen- and Interaction design, Teaching and Research focus: Mobile Interface design, Timebased Media, Pervasive advertising and Urban Interaction.

2006 - 2011 University of Art and Design (Aalto University) Helsinki, Media Lab, Research project manager in partner project “UbiLife”, a national funded, collaboration project with technical University of Oulu, Finland. It focuses on the fundamental research problems of ubiquitous computing, deploy a new ubiquitous infrastructure, and develop novel, multimodal ubi applications such as art tools for creating and sharing ‘user generated art’ in public space. The work includes framing of research proposals and budget planning. Running the MobileHub.

2005-2006   University of Art and Design Helsinki, Media Lab, Researcher/Lead artist in partner research project “Rotuuari”, a partially EU funded project in collaboration with technical University of Oulu, Finland. It focused on conception and development of mobile multimedia services of the future, including interactive media art. Running the MobileHub.

2004-2005   University of Art and Design Helsinki, Media Lab, Founder of Mobile Hub, a prototype development environment for mobile related projects with a strong focus on artistic approaches and creative design, serving as a resource and support hub to students and faculty. The work included Mobile Media production (video, audio, xhtml, wml, MMS), Mobile application design (client, server) for Mobile games, Mobile Messaging, Ad-hoc networks, Location based services, Mobile learning, iTV and Bluetooth hotspots, Programming PHP, MySQL, Python, Java, C++, Linux admin/scripts, tutoring students on Mobile application development tools, and teaching of Mobile Media workshops.

2001-2003   Nokia, Helsinki, Competence Transfer Manager

2000-2001   Nokia, Helsinki, Senior System Engineer, Product

1998-2000   Nokia, Helsinki, Senior R&D engineer, System design

1995-1998    Nokia, Helsinki, R&D engineer, Programmer

WORKS, selected     

Descriptions of works incl.Video clips at

MobiSpray (2008) Role: Concept designer, system designer,
     programmer, deploying artist.

MobiSpray, a novel interactive art tool for creating ubiquitous ephemeral digital art. The mobile phone is employed as virtual spray can to spray dabs of digital paint onto the physical environment via large-scale projections anytime, anywhere. The gesture based control of the mobile phone provides natural pointing mechanism for the virtual spray can. MobiSpray aims to liberate and empower the artist to change her environment via large-scale artistic expressions.

MobiToss (2007) Role: Concept designer, system designer,
     programmer, deploying artist.

MobiToss, a novel application for creating and sharing mobile multimedia art with an off-the-shelf mobile phone equipped with built-in accelerometer sensors allowing gesture control. The user first takes a photo or captures a video with the phone and then using a ‘throwing’ gesture transfers the clip onto a large public display for instant viewing and manipulation by tilting the phone in different directions. The system augments the user-created clip with other items such as music or brand labels and the encoded clip is automatically sent back to the phone as a personal artefact of the event. The clip is also uploaded to a dedicated community website for sharing the created multimedia art with others. MobiToss could be deployed e.g. in clubs, pubs and concerts as a participatory VJ-tool.

Manhattan Story Mashup (2006) Role: Artistic director, concept
     designer, game designer .

Manhattan Story Mashup is pervasive game that melds together the Web, camera phones and a large public display in Times Square, New York. The game introduces a new form of interactive storytelling which lets an unlimited number of players author stories in the Web while a large number of players illustrate the stories with camera phones in real-time. This was a Nokia Research Center project.

MobiLenin (2005) Role: Concept designer, system designer, programmer, performer, music composer.

The MobiLenin system combines a Multi-Track Music Video, Personal Mobile Phones and A Public Display into Multi-User Interactive Entertainment. It allows a group of people to interact with an interactive music video on a large public display using their personal mobile phone, effectively empowering the group with the joint authorship of the video. The MobiLenin system offers a new form of interactive entertainment for pubs and other public places.

MobileArtblog (2005) Role: Concept designer, system designer, programmer, deploying artist.

An artistic tool for collecting memories during travels when inspired by shapes, colours and forms of objects in different cities, places and situations. A photo taken with a camera phone is fed into an image composition application, and the ready piece is posted to a blog at

Online Tutorial

     Python for S60 Hands-on programming tutorial for Mobile phones:

Music videos

CU, Save me, Gogogo (2002) Role: Creative lead, Directing, Video

Music CD

Gogogo Revolution (2000) Role: Composer, Arranger, Producer,
     Lyrics writer, Singer, Musician .
Publisher Pila Music, Germany.



Active collaborations

Through invited talks and workshops I have build an internal network of personal contacts to universities and institutions in over 25 countries and I have active collaborations with researchers at Lancaster University InfoLab21, Oulu University, Simon Fraser Univ. Vancouver, National Taiwan University and University of Arts and Design Karlruhe, Germany.

Forum Nokia PRO university member

A number of professors from universities such as Stanford, Lancaster, New York University etc. meet 1-2 times a year in a 2-day event organized by Nokia.

Member of Forum Nokia Innovation Network

 A dedicated cluster of selected members with the aim to research, develop and deploy innovative mobile solutions together with developer companies. The network focuses on applied research, proof of concept development, real world testing, rapid prototyping, and mobile systems and applications training and education. The network enables scalable collaboration activities and foster innovation capturing and knowledge transfer between its members globally.




“Who will win the runtime race?” (2008) Keynote-Panel session at Smartphoneshow, London.


Invited Lectures and workshops

“Interacting with your physical environment” (2008) Talk at Faculty of Design, Architecture and Building, University of Technology Sydney, Australia.

 “Digital communication project” (2008) One week workshop at Interface culture department at the University of Art, Linz, Austria.

 “Rapid Mobile application prototyping” (2008) One week workshop at Media Lab, University of Art and Design, Helsinki. “Introduction Python for Series 60” (2006) One week workshop at HCI Group, Computer Science department, Stanford University.

“Mobile application prototyping on S60” (2007) Two day workshop at Electrical Engineering department, Stanford University.

  “Wearable technologies prototyping” (2007) Two week workshop at BUCT, Beijing University of Clothing technology, China.

“Mobile phone and sensors of music making” (2007) One day session at MobileMusic workshop Amsterdam , Netherlands.

“Designing and Implementing Manhattan Story Mashup” (2007) Talk at Mobile Group, OCAD Ontario college of Art and Design, Toronto, Canada.

“Combining the Web, Personal Mobile Phones and Public Displays into Multi-User Interactive Entertainment” (2007) Talk at Interfacedesign department, University of applied sciences Potsdam, Germany.

“Mobile interaction” (2007) One day workshop at Catholic university of Brasilia, Brazil.

 “Creative Mobile application prototyping” (2006) Talk at MIT Media Lab, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston.

“Designing Mobile application fast” (2006) Two day workshop at MIT CSAIL, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston.

 “Mobile Interactive Art” (2006) Talk at Ubiquitous computing department, NTU National Taiwan University, Taipei.

“Beyond dance – Visualizing 3D movement on a Mobile phone screen” (2006) Talk at School of Interactive Arts and Technology (SIAT) at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada.

“Creative Inspiration through Python on Smartphones.” (2006) Talk at ITP, New York University

“User-driven programming of mobile phone applications and services.” (2006) Talk at MIT Sloan school of management, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston. 

 “Large screen interaction” (2005) Talk at Banff New Media Centre, Banff, Canada.

“Designing and Implementing Manhattan Story Mashup” (2007) Talk at NUS Mixed Reality Lab, National University of Singapore.

 “Blue-collar Mobility” (2005) Two week long Applied Dreams Nokia Workshop, Interaction Design Institute Ivrea, Italy.

Industry Lectures, Workshops, Tradeshows

“Creative Mobile Application Prototyping” (2006) IDEO, S.Francisco.

“Mobile Innovation Workshop” (2006) One week workshop, Yahoo Research Lab Berkeley, California.

“MobiLenin” (2006) Talk at Adobe Headquarters, San Francisco.

“Rapid Prototyping of Mobile applications” (2007) One day workshop at Nokia-Siemens Networks Helsinki, Finland.

“MobiSpray & MobiToss - Mobile Interaction demo” (2008) Tradeshow demo, showing my artistic works at Web 2.0 conference in New York, invited by Nokia.

“MoiSpray & MobiToss - Mobile Interaction demo” (2008) Tradeshow demo, showing my artistic works at Smartphoneshow London, invited by Nokia.

International Conference tutorials

“Mobile phone programming for multimedia.” (2007) ACM international Conference on Multimedia, MULTIMEDIA’07, Augsburg, Germany.

“Mobile phone programming for multimedia.” (2008) ACM international Conference on Multimedia, MULTIMEDIA’08, Vancouver, Canada.

“Inspiring Mobile Phone Programming for Multimedia” (2007) MUM 2007 - 6th International Conference on Mobile and Ubiquitous Multimedia, Oulu, Finland.

“Python-Programming for mobile digital art” (2006) Four day tutorial at ‘Electrolobby’, Ars Electronica.


Previously developed teaching concepts with a proven track record

Mobile Python Programming. Starting with three lines of code, students learn hands-on how to program and develop simple applications that run instantly on their mobile phone. Gradually they are introduced to basic programming principles by exploring the use of a variety of phone features such as photo taking, video recording, sms sending, text to speech, sound and graphics. This enables them to program own simple applications based on their own ideas – keeping the learning motivation high. The chosen programming language is Python, since it is easy to learn and instantly deployable. The level of difficulty is tailored especially for art and design students.

Rapid prototyping on the mobile platform. By taking a hands-on approach, students learn how to make proof of concept through rapid prototyping. They are first introduced to a rich variety of Mobile phone features (GPS, motion sensor, Keyboard keys, Internet access, sound recording, MIDI, OSC,…) and learn how to program them in a simple fast way via trial and error. After that they are shown how to integrate such phone functionalities with desktop, and web platforms via an iterative design process. This enables them to design larger application concepts that can include e.g. sensors (e.g. by connecting to an Arduino sensor board), web frameworks and applications made with software tools such as Max/MSP Jiter, Flash, Director or Apple Script. Students will work toward concept design, rapid development and play testing of any kind of application of their choice. This is tailored especially for creating new artistic tools and new media art pieces that have a mobile device component.

Mobile Interaction. Students are introduced to techniques for users to demonstrate interactive behavior, sample existing design elements to create new ones. We explore these issues on mobile, desktop, and web platforms and are particularly excited about designing pervasive interactions that integrate our physical and digital environments. We aim to design new types of multi-modal user interfaces for creating and sharing interactive artistic experiences.

Hard- and Software tool teaching. Aruino Sensorborad, Flash programming, Max/Msp Jitter, Director, Python, Php, PyGame, Processing, sas well as sound design with pure data and Logic.



MobiSpray - Paint My City. (2011) Photographs of MobiSpray art work. Solo exhibition at Forum Oberderdingen, Germany.

MobiSpray - Paint My City. (2010) Photographs of MobiSpray art work Solo exhibition at LUME Gallery, Helsinki.

MobiSpray, MobiToss. (2008) Works deployed at Federation Square during the Multimedia Exhibition program of UrbanScreens 08 festival, Melbourne.

MobiSpray painting sessions (2008) Selected locations of guerilla activities: Guggenheim museum New York, Houses of Parliament London, Tate modern London, Sydney Opera, Canada Place Vancouver.

MobiToss (2007) ’Nightmarket’ workshop exhibition, National Taiwan Museum of fine art, Taichung, Taiwan.

MobiToss, MobiLenin, MobileArtblog (2007) Works on display during Beijing Summer Digital Entertainment Jam Exhibition “DE-Day” at Beijing 798 Arts district.

MobiLenin, MobileArtblog, Word in Space (2006) Ars Electronica Campus Exhibition, Ars Electronica 2006.

MobiLenin (2006) Pixelache festival, Helsinki, Finland.


CONSULTING, selected

2008             Symbian

2007             TeliaSonera

2006             Nokia Research Center

2005             Nokia Siemens Networks



German, mother tongue; English, excellent; Finnish, basic



Final cut, Motion, DVD PRO, Logic, 3DsMax, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Shake

Dr. Jürgen Scheible
Art director
MobiSpray Studios
75038 Oberderdingen

Programming Skills:
- Mobile app programming
- Python programming
- PHP programming
- Database programming
- Flash AS programming
- Max/MSP programming
- Apple script programming

New Media Design Skills:
- Mobile app design
- Mobile media production     (iPhone, iPad)
- Flash app Design
- MySQL Database design
- Server application design     (MySQL, PHP, Python
- Game design
    (Flash & Java & Director)
- Digital video production
    (pre, post production)
- DVD production
- Music / Sound production
    (composing, recording,     editing, mastering)
- Web design (HTML, Java     Script, Flash, Shockw.)
- Concept design - Project management

Software skills:
- Python
- Adobe Flash
- Adobe Photoshop
- Adobe Dreamweaver
- Final Cut
- DVD Pro
- Logic studio (Music)
- Adobe Premiere
- Adobe After Effects
- Pure Data (Pd)
- MAX/MSP/Jitter


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