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Painting the city wherever I go

Sunday, November 2nd, 2008

I love it to be able to make my environment look as I want it to be. It is liberating. Because of this I started to embrace the cities and places I go these days much more than I ever did. It is fascinating to be able to change the looks of my reality. I feel the world is giving me a lot - it inspires me, heavily. And I want to turn this inspirational energy into something new, unexpected, kicking - my MobiSpray paintings.

During the last few weeks I had the chance to travel to New York, Melbourne, Sydney, London and Vancouver. And to give you a quick overview of my creations in various places, I put up here a few collages up. Enjoy!


From left upper corner: Vancouver: Siwash rock Stanley park, Science world,Waterfront buildings, Canada place, At gallery, London Smartphone show party.


From left upper corner: Sydney Potts point neighborhood, Federation Square Melbourne, Sydney Opera House, London Big Ben, Parliament house, Tate Modern museum London.