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Saab 35 Draken - triggering a cognitive spark

Tuesday, September 2nd, 2008

On our way from Rovaniemi towards a city called Kajaani we accidentally saw a sign beside the road saying in finnish ‘aviation center’. Well I never heard that Finland had an aviation center in the middle of nowhere, so I stopped and drove back and entered the side road leading to the finnish aviation center at Pudasj√§rvi. And then - I couldn’t trust my eyes - from far I saw a military aircraft on a huge stand on display - a Saab 35 Draken. What a surprise, finding another beloved object to mobispray on, just like that. After a short google search, I found out that we had arrived on a former airbase of the finnish airforce which was closed many years ago. No military buildings left, just a huge runway which is nowadays used by hobby pilots and glider sport people. Ok, for the next few hours I could live out my passion - mobispraying on a fighter jet.

Saab 35 Draken Finland

Watch the video:

What really striked me was that I was able to spray on the entire plane surface underneath due to the orientation how the Saab 35 Draken was put on its stand. It was totally exiting to see the spraying results - the real plane looks as I want it to look and it is right in front of me. I remember, I was lying under the plane for at least half an hour inhaling this fantastic view, seeing the colours, the huge shape with its curves and forms. I have to say it was a strong aesthetic experience that really gave me an energy spark. Wow, that’s what Mobispray can do. Also, I felt, that somehow the plane belongs now to me. I believe that is the result of a highly cognitive experience that happened here. By adding my own creation onto the plane, the newly created whole has become part of my own, too. Well, I guess I will follow this thread later when I will report on the findings on design impacts and design aspects that come along with Mobispray as a tool.

Saab 35 Draken

Saab 35 Draken

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