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MobiSpray Summer 2008

Tuesday, September 2nd, 2008

From July and August of 2008, Steffi Hund (my fiancé, Artist and educator ‘TintenVogel’), our dog Frodo and I had the chance to travel throughout Finland and Norway by Motorhome. During that time I developed MobiSpray, having the chance to work beside great views on finnish lakes and norwegian mountains. (I have moved my office inside the motorhome in early summer)

Already during the development process on the trip I started to deploy Mobispray in the evenings and nights and got many ideas about feature improvements which I then implemented the next day.

We experienced many fascinating MobiSprayingSessions and I call the collection of those ‘MobiSpray Summer 2008′. I hope you may find the photos and videos of our SprayingSessions inspiring and fun to watch!

Jürgen (MobiLenin)

See an overview of all of the 16 mobispraying locations. Click on the marker to see images.

MobiSpray Summer tour 2008 comes to an end

The last Spraying session during our MobiSpray Summer tour 2008 took place in Kuopio. From a previous visit to Kuopio, I remembered seeing a MIG 19 on display close to the Rissilä airbase. This object should be the final highlight of having sprayed on over 15 objects during the previous few weeks.

MIG 19 on display Kuopio

MIG 19 on display Kuopio

MIG 19 on display Kuopio
MIG 19 on display Kuopio

Find more photos on Flickr here.

It has been a fantastic experience to develop, test and deploy Mobipsray during this MobiSpray summer 2008 tour. It gave me lots of insights what MobiSpray is about and what it can become. I would like to thank at this point the UBILife research project and especially Prof. Timo Ojala for his support.
Watch the video:

You can find all photos of the entire MobiSpray tour 2008 on Flickr here.

MobiSpraying location: