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Spray-painting on a Rapid in Lapland

Tuesday, September 2nd, 2008

During our Mobispray summer tour 2008 we had the chance to get a true Lapland experience of fishing, picking cloud berries and going for a barbecue by boat when we got invited by Prof. Timo Ojala to a small village near Kemijärvi.

MobiSpray on Rapids in Lapland

In the evening we decided that we want to mobispray on a rapid in a remote location that was about 1 hour away by rowing boat. We packed all MobiSpray gear inside the boat - including the power generator, the Lpatop, projector, wifi router, cables and my mobile phone - and then we listened to ducks, birds and the ‘entire quietness’ of Lapland while rowing towards the Rapid.

MobiSpray on Rapids in Lapland

Watch the video:

At the location there was a suspension bridge over the Rapid, which allowed me to install the projector in such a way that its light went straight down into the moving water. I was exited to see how it looks to mobispray on water. Since it was a Rapid, many parts of the water were white, which revealed great textures. While the water was continuously moving the sprayed colour always remained on the same spot. It appeared on one hand like a film that plays, on the other hand it was also a static image.

MobiSpray on Rapids in Lapland
Having painted in the water for a while we tried to MobiSpray on trees which gave an interesting appreance, too

MobiSpray on Rapids in Lapland

After a great barbecue prepared by Prof. Timo Ojala near the rapid, we rowed back and did some line fishing, unfortunately being unlucky of getting any fish.

More photos at Flickr here.

MobiSpraying location: