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The cognitive power of a huge building surface

Tuesday, September 2nd, 2008

In Kajaani, north of Finland I spotted a huge grain storage building with a grey-brown surface. So far, I hadn’t spray-painted on huge buildings yet and this was a good opportunity to do it. I thought it is best to leave my video projector inside the car and when I had to park the car quite far from the building in order to cover the entire building surface with the projector light, I only then realized how big the building really is .

Kajaani big building

Watch the video:

After I spray-painted the first few lines, I suddenly felt how powerful it is to spray on such a huge building with MobiSpray. Just within minutes you can change the appearance of the entire building. This was an experience I never had before. It feels, one has the power over this building.  Even if you don’t have keys for it, and are not the owner of the building, still one can decide how this whole thing should look like. This means with Mobispray one can change one’s surroundings and turn them into something surprising, exiting and unexpected - at least temporarily.

Kajaani big house

This triggered also the thought in my head, that with MobiSpray one can gain access to objects for turning them into something new. One can go beyond a fence or a closed yard, even overcoming height is not a problem, meaning you can enter with MobiSpray where you normally wouldn’t be able to enter at all. This made me think that wouldn’t it be interesting to mobispray on an entire neighborhood one day, and turn it into something completely new?

Kajaani big house

More photos on Flickr here.

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