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Beloved Military jets in Rovaniemi

Tuesday, September 2nd, 2008

After having sprayed once on a military aircraft at the beginning of our MobiSpray summer 2008 tour, I was eager to do it again. Since Rovaniemi was on our route, I remembered once seeing an F-18 jet taking off at the Rovaniemi airport shortly after I had landed with a Finnair plane. I believed there must be an old fighter jet somewhere on display on the airbase area - as it is usually the case on finnish airbases.
Shortly after we arrived at the mainstreet that leads to the Rovaniemi airbase, I spotted a Folland Gnat MK 1 plane, and luckily it was accessible since it is located on the area that is open to the public.

Rovaniemi Military jet mobispraying

Watch the video:

Instantly I prepared my mobispraying gear and started happily spraying. BUT then - well not as to my surprise, really - the military police swiftly arrived and asked what I am doing here. Well I explained that I am a military jet fan and love to take photos of planes wherever I find them, and that I have brought my own special light equipment with me for shooting interesting photos - which is the case really, nothing more. They said this is perfectly fine and went away. I felt relieved and kept mobispraying until the daylight became too strong.

Rovaniemi Military jet mobispraying

Find more photos on Flickr here.

What is really interesting with MobiSpray, you can move directly under or beside your object that you spray on, so you get a real feel where you spray and you see with your own eyes how it appears. You really have the possibility to make an object look as you want it to be. MobiSpray gives a great degree of Freedom! And I do really enjoy this freedom, making beloved real military jets my own - at least for a short while.

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