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UFO Houses in Taiwan & Mobispray

Tuesday, September 2nd, 2008

When I was in Taiwan in August to teach there, I had to visit the world famaous UFO houses at Sanjhih, north of Taipei - since it was closeby where we stayed - in ‘uncle Lee’s house’. My greatest wish was to MobiSpray on the UFO houses, and so I did or lets say we did. I invited a few friends from the MIT Media Lab with whom I stayed with in Taiwan to come with me.

UFO houses MobiSpray Taiwan

Watch the video:

And we had an extraordinary experience. When we entered the site the wind was blowing strangely and strong, but also the grass made loud noises caused by the wind. And of course it was dark, since it was night as we wanted to use MobiSpray to make some UFO houses look as we wanted them to be. For one of our Taiwanese fellow girl it become too eerie after a short time, so she left. The rest of us set up the gear and we started spraying - and it was totally exiting to mobispray on this weirdly, but nicely designed UFO houses.

UFO houses MobiSpray Taiwan

I learned originally about the UFO houses a few days before leaving to Taiwan through an article in the German online magazin Spiegel: Title of the article was ‘Die Geisterstadt der Au├čerirdischen’ meaning the ghost city of the aliens. And of course the shape of the UFO-houses was something I had to try out as canvas for MobiSpray.

UFO houses MobiSpray Taiwan

UFO houses MobiSpray Taiwan

UFO houses MobiSpray

Find more photos at Flickr here.

MobiSpraying location: