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MobiSpray in action

Tuesday, January 12th, 2010

This video shows the artist MobiLenin using his MobiSpray art tool to paint buildings, airplanes, ships and other objects around the world. MobiLenin’s digital ephemeral art is about transforming a building or object so it acquires a new power to communicate with artist or viewer and become alive and of value on its own account.

MobiSpray in action from MobiSpray on Vimeo.

The MobiSpray art is about engaging in space, bringing extra tension or play to challenge peoples assumptions about an object or place. Similar to the artist Christo who uses buildings and object from the environment to create ephemeral art by wrapping them up, MobiLenin uses buildings and objects to create highly ephemeral art by painting on them with light and his Mobile phone. MobiLenin offers his MobiSpray live action painting show to event organizers globally.

MobiSpray - How does it work?

Wednesday, September 17th, 2008

Ever want to repaint your neighbor’s house? Or pet polar bear? MobiSpray allows light-based painting by using a mobile phone as spray can. With only a phone and a surface you can paint anywhere, anytime on anything. The spray-painting follows your hand gestures in real-time, while spraying intensity and color change via keypad. Whether you are in the woods or the city MobiSpary lets you paint BIG. And, the freedom to intentionally change your surroundings at the scale of your choosing opens doors of creativity and imagination. Turn your reality into something new, unexpected, surprising and unpredictable.

Check this video to see how MobiSpray works:

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