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“My mobile phone is my greatest art tool.” Jürgen Scheible a.k.a. MobiLenin


Jürgen Scheible, Dr., is a German media artist, researcher and musician who is also known by his artist alter-ego ‘MobiLenin’. He is the creator of MobiSpray®, a novel art tool for creating ubiquitous ephemeral digital art via large-scale projections on the environment. Scheible offers ‘MobiSpray live performances’ to international cultural festivals and professional settings such as marketing and product launch events, fashion shows and VIP-partys. During the last two years Scheible traveled around the globe ‘painting’ on more than 140 buildings, places and objects in over 50 international cities. The resulting outcomes were photographed and build the series of large format color prints of his ‘paint my city’ exhibition that is shown in art exhibitions internationally. He is selling these works on the art market.

Scheible uses projected light and the darkness of night for creating art in public spaces. To achieve this, he developed MobiSpray, that turns the mobile phone into a spray can and allows painting anywhere, anytime on anything with only a phone, a computer and a video projector. As the traditional painter uses a pen and a linen canvas for painting, Scheible in contrast uses the building as canvas and his mobile phone as pen. The spray-painting follows his hand gestures in real-time, while spraying intensity and color change via keypad. Scheible uses his tool to purposefully change the appearance of facades and surfaces of buildings, airplanes and nature, without inflicting any permanent damage to property.

Jürgen works as a researcher and teacher at the Media Lab at Aalto University, Schoolof Art and Design, Helsinki specializing on mobile app innovation with a strong focus on artistic approaches and creative design. He has previously worked for 8 years at Nokia and in 2006 he was as a visiting scientist at MIT. He has been teaching in academic and professional settings e.g. at Stanford University, MIT, NTU Taiwan, Yahoo Research and Nokia on the topics of mobile app programming and creative design approaches. His research explores how the artist is being reconfigured by the use of mobile and ubiquitous computing. Scheible’s work has been reported by the international media such as Skynews, Reuters and Spiegel Online.


Dr. Jürgen Scheible
Born 1970 in Oberderdingen, Germany.
Has lived in Helsinki since 1995.

2010 Doctor of Arts from Aalto University, School of Art & Design Helsinki, Finland. Title of dissertation: ‘Empowering Mobile Art Practice: A Recontextualization of Mobile and Ubiquitous Computing’.
1995 Dipl.-Ing.(FH) Nachrichtentechnik. Fachhochschule Karlsruhe

Solo Exhibitions
2010 Lume Gallery, Helsinki, Finland
2010 UBI-Hot spots, Oulu, Finland
2011 Forum Oberderdingen, Germany

Group Exhibitions (Selection)
2008 Multimedia exhibition, UrbanScreens’08 festival, Melbourne, Australia.
2007 National Taiwan Museum of fine art, Taichung, Taiwan.
2007 “DE-Day”, 798 Arts district, Beijing, China.
2006 Campus Exhibition, Ars Electronica, Linz, Austria.
2006 Pixelache festival, Helsinki, Finland.

MobiSpray painting sessions (Selection)
2011 Kulturama 2011 Festival, Leuven, Belgium.
2010 Flatiron building, New York City, USA.
2010 Bryggen, UNESCO cultural heritage site, Bergen, Norway.
2010 Teatro Arriaga, Bilbao, Spain.
2010 Helsinki University event, Finland.
2009 ZKM, Center for Art and Media, Karlsruhe, Germany.
2009 Jackson Brewery, New Orleans, USA.
2008 UrbanScreens’08 festival, Melbourne, Australia.
2008 Guggenheim museum New York City, USA.
2008 Houses of Parliament, London, England.
2008 Tate modern, London, England.
2008 Sydney Opera House, Australia.

Art Residencies (Selection)
2008 UrbanScreens08 Art residency at FedSquare, Melbourne, Australia.
2007 Art residency at BUCT, University of clothing technology, Beijing.
2007 Art residency at National Taiwan Museum of fine art, Taiwan.
2006 MIT Visiting Scientist, Boston, USA.
2006 Art residency at SIAT, Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada.
2005 Visiting Researcher, Media team, University of Oulu, Finland.

Scientific publications see here.

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