About MobiSpray

What is MobiSpray?

MobiSpray is an application for light based spray-painting onto physical surfaces in real-time anywhere. It uses an off-the-shelf mobile phone with built-in motion sensor (mobile phone as ‘SprayCan’) and a video projector. Mobispray is entirely programmed in Python (Mobile Python / PyS60 and PyGame).

By whom is MobiSpray done?

MobiSpray is created by the ‘Mobile Artist’ MobiLenin, alisas Jürgen Scheible, as part of his research on Ubiquitous Computing at University of Art and Design, Helsinki (UbiLife project). Jürgen’s research focuses on designing multi-modal user interfaces for creating and sharing interactive artistic experiences

How does MobiSpray work?

Spray-painting with MobiSpray is simply done through hand gestures, while the actual spraying happens only when a certain key is pressed on the phone. Spraying dimensions, intensity and colors can be changed via phone keys. Photos taken with the phone can be injected into the spraying composition in real-time as well. In a collaborative spraying mode, multiple people can join.

MobiSpray allows spraying on all kinds of surfaces such as buildings, trees, cars, planes, water etc. - and best of all, it is great fun to do so.

What is MobiSpray about?

MobiSpray is about augmenting and re-purposing existing surfaces through overlaying self-created spray-paintings that emerge in real-time on the spot. Users can utilize the existing surface to fuse the physical world and their digital creation into a single entity, creating temporary reinterpretations according to their own imagination and perception.

MobiSpray suggests also to be about the possibility of taking possession over objects or artifacts that you normally can not get hold of.  By placing your own spray-painting on the foreign object in real-time while having visual contact, you may change your relationship to the object or even incorporate it in your mind as yours, since it becomes ‘your composition’.

The vision of MobiSpray: The Dream to paint anywhere on anything anytime

Have you ever dreamed to have the power to change the looks of your physical surroundings in big style? With MobiSpray it’s possible! Well, just temporarily, but at least without having an impact on the environment. You can let the physical world be your playground and use its objects as a source of inspiration and the canvas for your compositions.

Live SprayingSessions

By deploying Mobispray in live performances (SprayingSessions), MobiLenin aims to provide spectators an exciting new kind of digital experience in public space.

The action of live spray-painting on ‘whatever surface wanted’ and the possibility to reinterpret meaning through the emergence of a visual outcome, suggests potential to address even larger socio-critical issues, too. But first of all, MobiSpray is about the joy and fun of spraying anywhere anytime.

Public SprayingSessions will soon be broadcasted via a live mobile webcam to whatch the SprayingSessions live wherever they take place. You may stay informed via an upcoming RSS feed on this blog to learn about times and places of future SprayingSessions. Stay tuned!

Booking Live performances

Mobispray Live performances by MobiLenin can be booked for festivals, public events, VIP partys, concerts, Product launching events, fashion shows etc. and can be tailored for special needs such as incorporating branding visuals, tailor made objects to spray on etc. Booking contact here.