Back to my roots - How does art form us? Does it?

Monday, February 7th, 2011

Yesterday I had a MobiSpray-performance and an exhibition of my MobiSpray photos in my home village (Oberderdingen) in Germany where I grew up. It was during a cultural weekend called ‘Art Inside’ which was organized by the local government. I was overwhelmed by the over 200 people who came out to watch the performance of painting the ‘Altes Schulhaus’ (old school building).  Many kids, teenagers, families and elderly ones were there.  It was great to meet many old friends and folks which I haven’t seen for over 20 years. During my performance of painting the building on all four sides (see photos) I was playing new

songs that I have composed and produced during the last few weeks. Providing an experience to the audience with live-painting and playing my own music as a unity was something I have been looking forward to for long. And now it was out there, and it was greatly received by the audience as told by many viewers. The whole thing felt like going back to my roots, to the place and path that has shaped me in my childhood and teenage life.

I recently came across a phrase by Jonathan Meese, a German contemporary artist, saying ‘art forms us, not we form art’ and I started to realize how true that is. While with new types of technology such as the MobiSpray system it is possible to create new forms of art making, it is however a much more powerful experience to realize what art does with us. To me it feels that the process of making my MobiSpray art, and giving other people a chance of experiencing it live and in exhibitions through my photos and videos, it sets my creative energy free on a level I had never imagined before. Yes, art in a sense, has revolutionized and is revolutionizing my life. I more and more see the world around me much stronger through the lens of art, which is a fascinating perspective. Thus I share much of Jonathan Meese’s motto of ‘Kunst an die Macht’ - which is freely translated: ‘let art reign’. Oh, yeah what can happen with us if we let art reign? How will it form us? It seems that sometimes we may only be able to see it when we go back to our roots.

MobiSpray in action

Tuesday, January 12th, 2010

This video shows the artist MobiLenin using his MobiSpray art tool to paint buildings, airplanes, ships and other objects around the world. MobiLenin’s digital ephemeral art is about transforming a building or object so it acquires a new power to communicate with artist or viewer and become alive and of value on its own account.

MobiSpray in action from MobiSpray on Vimeo.

The MobiSpray art is about engaging in space, bringing extra tension or play to challenge peoples assumptions about an object or place. Similar to the artist Christo who uses buildings and object from the environment to create ephemeral art by wrapping them up, MobiLenin uses buildings and objects to create highly ephemeral art by painting on them with light and his Mobile phone. MobiLenin offers his MobiSpray live action painting show to event organizers globally.