MobiSpray® is a novel art tool created by the artist Jürgen Scheible a.k.a MobiLenin. It employs the mobile phone as virtual spray can to spray dabs of digital paint onto the physical environment via large-scale projections anytime, anywhere. Scheible offers ‘MobiSpray live performances’ to cultural festivals, Institutions and companies for marketing events, product launches, fashion shows and VIP-partys. Enjoy!

MobiSpray in der Landesschau BW 11.7.2016

Amthof-Illumination - 1250 Jahre Oberderdingen

MobiSpray Photo Albums: click here!


More Videos

These videos and photos show selected works of Jürgen Scheible, created with his MobiSpray painting tool around the globe ‘painting’ on more than 140 buildings, places and objects in over 50 international cities, including Guggenheim Museum NYC, Houses of Parliament in London, Flatrion building NYC, Teatro Arriaga Bilbao, etc.


‘MobiSpray - Paint My City’ (2010) created by Jürgen Scheible.

The book shows 33 art works created by Jürgen Scheible using his MobieSpray® art tool. It can be purchased here. More info.

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