The Project
This is a project by the light- and landart-artist Prof. Dr. Jürgen Scheible. He is a Professor at Stuttgart Media University, Germany in the department of Advertising and Market communications. He explores the use of drones for new approaches in advertising, communications and also for art making.

In summer 2016 Scheible got inspired by 3D optical illusions. He thought why not trying to imprint 3D shapes onto the physical environment to see and experience nature in a new way? His vision is to change the look and feel of nature by bringing aspects of augmented reality in a tangible way into the wild  – in big scale.  This led him to the idea of drone-assisted art making. He calls this DroneLandArt.

Drone-assisted art making
DroneLandArt is not only using drones for documenting the work, but foremost for enabling the process of creating large 3D-shape on the ground. For this Prof. Dr. Scheible has developed his own rapid prototyping process and tools, which allow him to place large 3D shapes precisely onto landscapes independent of structure, state and texture of the surface.

Scheible uses currently a DJI Phantom 4 drone and various hardware tools such as a lawn mower, lawn mower tractor, brush cutters, …

Be inspired!

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